How To Build a Career as a Freelance Typist?

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a student looking for another source of income, freelancing can become a new career path for you. But like any other job, You have to analyze the position before you leap into the career.

What Does a Freelance Typing Entail?

The job description of a freelance typing job is to type out whatever content is assigned to you by your employer. Your employer could come from any walk of life. You could be taking notes from a doctor’s dictation or transcribing court proceedings. The job varies from employer to employer and with each job comes its peculiarities.

How To Become A Freelance Typist?

The main credentials for a career as a freelance typist are a high school diploma or a GED certificate. Having a college degree can be an added advantage especially classes focused on administration, accounting, or business.

It should go without saying that a freelance writer should have exceptional typing skills. To be at the top of your game, most freelance writers have to write at least 70 words per minute with a high level of preciseness.

Some employers may require that you have a reliable means of transport, a smartphone, or proficiency in a different language. Some freelance jobs are remote so a high-speed internet connection would be required.

You could decide to work solely for particular companies and agencies or decide to be self-employed. Previous professional experience is an added advantage.

Skills A Freelance Typist Should Have

Apart from the educational requirements, there are soft skills a freelance typist should possess to successfully build a career.

Listening And Communications Skills

To become a great freelance writer you should possess excellent listening and communication skills. These skills are important in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the position.


It is also important that you understand the current marketplace and be comfortable enough to seek out new client relationships and opportunities. Adaptability is important for professionals to increase their employability.

Business Competence And Perseverance

Business cycles come with ups and downs and you should persevere enough to weather these rough cycles. Freelancing and self-employment in general mandate a level of business competence.

Confidence and Negotiation Skills

As a self-employed professional you need to be able to sell your skills confidently. This is important in winning over new clients and keeping the business growing. You should be able to set deadlines and negotiate pay rates with your employer.


As a self-employed individual, you just be able to motivate yourself to get work done in time. You need to be able to meet the deadlines set to have your employers’ trust and grow a successful business. It takes dedication and commitment to meet full income potential.

Book Typing Jobs From Home

Book typing jobs are in demand now and will most likely keep being on the rise for a long time. This development is due to the digitization of skills due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now you can get book typing jobs from the comfort of your home.

With most industries converting their analog and hardcopy records and data to digital records, the publishing industry is not left behind. Publishing as an industry is centuries years old while electronic book publishing is still relatively new with Amazon’s Kindle launching in 2007, less than 20 years.

Some publishing houses a lot of backlist titles and old archived issues of magazines that are out of print. Because they are not available from any other source, most publishing companies want to convert their cache to e-books and even audiobooks. This is to make them available in a digital format and available to their target audience.

Although optical character recognition which converts scanned printed documents into editable texts may seem like the best way to about converting these files, the technology is deficient. This is where book typing professionals come in. Authors and publishers can outsource this job to book typing professionals.

What Are Book Typing Jobs?

Book typing is a form of data entry. Book typing is the conversion of physical text to editable digital text files which at the most basic level is data entry.

Book young jobs can range from commercially published fiction and nonfiction books to handwritten journals, speeches, text in images, old manuscripts, or even letters. It could be anything. It depends on your employer.

How To Become A Book Typist?

You don’t need normal education to become a book typist. It is relatively simple and does not need specialized training to be great at this job. You just need a dependable PC or laptop and a conducive work area like a study or a good work setup in your bedroom.

Skills A Book Typist Should Possess

An above-average typing speed will be useful for this job. You should have the patience to diligently read through large amounts of material.

Having experience in proofreading would be an added advantage. Depending on the type of job, having a technical background in the related topic would be valuable.

Freelance Typing Jobs For Students

With the digitalization of most skills, there are so many opportunities online for students to make money while they study. All they would need is a laptop and time! Although for each job there may be requirements.

While the most common form of typing job is data entry there are other legitimate freelance typing jobs that students can take up.

1. Freelance Writing

You can write content for different businesses. Some companies hire in-house multiple freelance writers to produce their content like blog posts sale pages, website content, etc. One of the best tools you can get as a writer is a website so that employers can find you and your work. You can benefit from visibility on social media especially on apps like Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Translation

Translation typing jobs are in demand. There are so much content online and not many are in English and these businesses need their content to be translated from one language to another. It does not necessarily mean it must be in English. So if you are fluent in two languages you can consider picking up a translation job online.

The main requirement of this job is proficiency in two or more languages. Having impeccable writing skills and understanding nuances in the languages is very important.

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