If you have the ability to do online typing jobs and data entry work from home, then this is a great opportunity for you. You can earn up to Rs. 2 per word for typing. We consider 50 words as 1 page, so you will get Rs.100 per page. You can use Microsoft Word or Notepad for typing.

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What is online typing jobs?

In typing jobs, you have to put the data (like text) by using keys on a computer keyboard, tablet, or mobile.When you do this process online, it’s called online typing jobs without investment.Now, come to the point: If you have a good knowledge of typing, you can use your typing skills to earn money online.You can earn up to Rs. 90,000 per month. No special course required. Housewives, students, or anyone can do this job without restriction.

*Earning Estimation

typed word /dayRate /wordPayoutTotal Earning per day

Project Requirement:

You need to type on Microsoft Word or Notepad. So, you can also do this job as an online typist. There is a minimum accuracy requirement of 80% for this work. You will earn up to Rs. 2 per word. There is no target with guaranteed payout. The more you type, the more you earn. You can do this on mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Guaranteed Payout:

Payments are processed daily at 6PM, with the exception of weekends. These modes of payment are available- PayPal, Cheque, PayTm, Gpay, Wire transfer or PhonePe.

Who can join this?

Anyone with typing skills and a computer or mobile can do this work and make money doing online typing and data entry jobs. Join now and start working from your home today.

Do you want to earn a little extra cash while sitting at your computer? Online Typing Jobs Without Investment is the answer. Online typing jobs are a great way to supplement your current income by working from home and making money online. In this blog post, we will talk about what these types of work from home jobs entail, how you can get started, and all the benefits they have for you!

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