How to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job – In one week

LinkedIn is a great platform where you can create some amazing business connections. But what you may not realize right now is that you can use this platform to get a job. The possibilities are limitless and you just have to figure out how LinkedIn offers you job opportunities and how you can make the most out of them. Here are some tips to help!

Get referrals from friends that work at the company you want to apply to
When you already have someone that can vouch for you, it’s a great deal. You will end up having much higher recruitment chances if the person already has a high position in that business and they vet you. Every little thing matters here, and having such a great approach does pay off a lot.

Create the best possible profile

Add everything from previous experience to skills you worked on or you are working on, also try to include a headline that makes you stand out. The more focus you have on improving your profile and filling in all the blanks, the easier it will be for companies to find you. And even if you apply to them, they will see that you are indeed an industry expert and you have the right skills they want from you.

Share your success with posts

LinkedIn is all about showing off your skills and selling yourself. Try to write a status about your accomplishments. Or you can try to post about industry issues and solutions on how you might be able to solve or assist. These things make you stand out and when you apply for a job, people will take notice.

Reach companies you are interested in

It might sound crazy, but companies use a LinkedIn profile to showcase their presence online and recruit people. So you can easily pitch them about a job or task and they will listen. Try to build up a list of recommendations first, just to be safe. But rest assured that it’s worth it if you contact them, just be ready to do that as quickly as possible.

Use LinkedIn Advanced Search

If you’re not using this you are missing out. And that’s because advanced search helps you pick the type of companies you want and it’s very easy to customize. You can easily acquire new leads and results, and it will totally be worth it.

Improve your skills with the integrated academy system

What you want to do is to make sure that you study the job market and improve your knowledge with the own learning system on LinkedIn. People will know that you took various programs and studied here, not to mention you can show off all kinds of previous experience on your profile too.

LinkedIn is a great place to search for companies in your industry. It can also show off your expertise too. And many companies are open to people that contact them on LinkedIn for a job. Just make sure that you prepare your profile adequately and you can make it big!

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